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Mayantoc was formerly a barrio of the Municipality of Camiling.  It was the 16th municipality of Tarlac Province that was created and made independent as separate “municipio” under Executive Order (EO) No. 96 on December 23, 1916 by then Gov. Gen Francis Burton Harrison of the former Philippine Territorial Government.  The organization and operation of the municipal government took effect January 1, 1917 with the Spanish mestizo Don Antonio Sanz, the first appointed Municipal President and Don Francisco Santos Y Pascual, the acknowledged founder and patron of the town on September 1, 1917.


The first unknown settlers of the municipality before the coming of the Christian migrants were the Negritoes of the abiling tribe.  As the former arrived in great numbers, the natives were soon forced to move deeper into the forest areas of Zambales Mountain Range.


The Christian settlers, mostly from the Ilocos region notably the town of Cabugao, Tagudin, Sarat, Paoay, Sinait and Bacarra settled from among the villages in the southern portion of thriving Christian town of Camiling, now acknowledged as the mother town of Mayantoc.  These villages later became barrio (barangay) Mayantoc under the township of Camiling.  The place has then forested abundant with rattan Palm, known by visitors and ambulant traders as “Yantoc”. In time, the barrio became known by “Mayantoc” as its official name.  Even though the majority of the inhabitants were Ilocanos, the choice of Mayantoc, a tagalog word, was surprising.