1. Health Services.  The health facilities in the municipality rendered free service which include; control of diarrheal diseases, family planning program, dental health program, micronutrient supplement, environmental program, leprocy control program, consultation/treatment, tb control program, maternal and child program, and the like. These services and programs are provided through the Rural Health Unit in the Poblacion, and the two Barangay Health Station (BHS) in Mamonit and Melecio Manganaan. The RHU is still presently sufficient in monitoring and serving the health concerns of local people. The health personnel in Mayantoc are also still within the standard ratios vis-à-vis the population. “Philhealth ng Masa” is also extended among the people. Leading causes of mortality in the municipality are Pneumonias, Cardio Vascular Arrest and Cancer. 
  2. Education. It is a state policy to establish and maintain a system of free public education in the elementary and high school levels, and that elementary education is compulsory for all children of school age.  The basic educational facilities in Mayantoc are statistically within standard. At present, the municipality has a total of 11 elementary schools, 8 primary schools and 2 high schools run by the government.  Some barangays that have no available elementary school usually enroll on the nearest barangay with a school facility. Aside from the government facilities, there are also three private elementary schools and three private secondary schools in the locality; all of them also satisfied their respective standards.
  3. Social Welfare. As one of the developed responsibility of the national government, the municipality is now in the forefront of extending various social welfare services to its residents.  The most common of these are Family Welfare, Women Welfare, Child Welfare and Emergency Assistance.  These services are commonly offered/provided at the barangay day care centers and per R.A. 6972 every barangay should have an established center. As of 2007, every barangay, except Carabaoan, has an available Day Care Center which is extended through the barangay hall or elementary school for those barangays with no permanent or alternate center.
  4. Protective Services. Being responsible in the provision of sites for police and fire stations, substations and the municipal jail, the Municipality of Mayantoc has already established these facilities.  Although, smaller compared to standard size, the municipality presently has a Police Station, a Fire Station and a traffic outpost beside the public market.